My cousin has requested for a quilt for her daughter.

After discussions on the pattern and the choice of fabric, I set to work on it. The half square triangles, HSTs ready to be pieced.


The individual blocks:


The quilt in its full glory.

may20_14_4may20_14_3 may20_14_2

And finally, the quilt all folded ready to be packed and shipped.


My very first.

The customer wanted to make a muffler for her husband’s birthday gift in May.

She chose a multi-colored wool yarn that is ideal for a man.


Together, we have agreed to use a simple ribbing throughout. A simple knit purl pattern.


My tool for hiding the ends.may6_14_2

A close up of the fringes at the end.may6_14_4

And a picture of the whole muffler.may6_14_3

This year, I have managed to gain a few more new customers who are interested in the HDTs.  And lets hope there will be more.

These threads are ideal for fine crochet and tatting. Available sizes are 20 and 40. The threads are Lizbeth from Handy Hands.

These are previous HDTs but could not get the same colorway as before:

Ulyana Sergeenko2 HDT

may16_14_2 02 ulyana_01

Photo from http://color-collective.blogspot.com/2011/11/ulyana-sergeenko-for-russian-vogue-via.html

Lindsey Thornburg 2 HDT

may16_14_4 02b  lindseythornburg_01

Photo from http://color-collective.blogspot.com/2011/10/lindsey-thornburg-via-honey-kennedy.html


Blossoming Brights HDT


Photo from http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/blossoming-brights

Feathered Hues HDT
Succulent Spring HDT
may16_14_3 SucculentSpring

After making a pair for The Batik Boutique, I decided to make my own.


This pieced cover is 18″ square.


These others covers are 16″ square.mar4_14_3 mar4_14_4All of these comes in pairs. You have an option to purchase with or without the cushion inserts.

Making Quillows

One more item can be striked out off the want-to-do list.

Quillow – quilt + pillow.  For my case, I use two pieces of fabric sandwiching the batting.

This is my second quillow order for The Batik Boutique.


The quillow. I loved how the size is very similar to a standard pillow.IMG_7950

A close-up of the quilting.IMG_7952

All folded up to be stuffed into the pillow case.

IMG_7959The pillow case is attached to the quilt.

with The Batik Boutique.

I started using Velcro but it was not working. There were some tearing of the inner vinyl side.

So now, we are using zippers … after facing my fears of zippers head on. After over 100 snack packs made with zippers, we are on a roll.


NNC’s hexagon exchange

For the past few years, I have limited myself to the number of exchanges that has been organised by the great NEEDLESnCRAFT, NNC group. However, due to some prompting I have joined the latest  exchange.

The exchange requires us to make two (2) flowers out of seven (7) hexagon petals. Some of the participants have stated how they want the flowers to be.

It is nothing new for me. I have made a queen size quilt out of hexagons for my parents eons ago (it is now very thin since I used polyester batting).

I have fabric for the petals so I just pull out from my stash or leftover from my previous projects.

There are also a lot of paper hexagon templates I have made for a mobile project. That will have to be put at the back burner since my hands do ache if I do too much hand crafting.

These blue prints (as requested by my partner) are from previous quilts.

aug26_13_1 aug26_13_2 aug26_13_3


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