A blooming bonsai

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Zarina Craft

This bonsai was created at least five (less than ten) years ago. It has bloomed once but only several flowers.

This time round, it was quite a handful. I love it when the flowers should come out.

The palm  tree on the left was moved to the pot a few months back and the root is not big enough to show above the soil.

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A Blue Lemony Star Quilt

Happy New Year to all and hope that 2017 gives good fortune and health to all.

This quilt block the Lemony Star or also known as the Eight Star, has been in my bucket list for a long while. A customer asked me to make a queen size quilt for her mother-in-law. One of the option was this and she chose it – syukur.

This is really out of my comfort zone since I don’t use cream in my quilts. However, I just love the fabric which had skipped my attention until a customer pointed it out at Spotlight The Mines Malaysia.blue-lemony-star

The basting stage done in the living room. Thankfully the size is just nice without needing to move the furniture too much.blue-lemony-star-2

A close-up of the completed quilt. I just did a simple stitch in the ditch outlining the stars. blue-lemony-star-3

For the past few weeks, I have been blessed with my quilting orders that have come almost none stop – and it looks like 2017 will be the same. Insyallah.

The customer did the appliqué of the Sunbonnet Sue done by hand, all within three months. The customer opted for the polyester batting hence the extra puffy-look. She gave me all the materials needed. Again I had to shift the furniture to accommodate for the basting.

The quilt on my bed. Does it look just right in my bedroom?sue-sunbonnet-quilt

A close-up of some of my favourite blocks.sue-sunbonnet-quilt-2

For all corners including the  #blocks, she used the mitered method. I salute her.sue-sunbonnet-quilt-3

If you have a quilt top but cannot finish it for whatever reason, you can send it to me. WA at 60162222004.

That time of the year again

One of my two 8 year old niece loved puzzles and games – just like her aunty. One of my favourite: what starts as a circle and ends up in triangles? batik-tree-skirt

These are this year’s The Batik Boutique’s tree skirts. She wanted an identical of one of the skirts but I did not have enough batik for it.

batik-tree-skirtsThis is a close up of the quilted tree skirt.

And yes, have you got the answer to the puzzle above? Its the PIZZA!

By the way, these tree skirts starts with triangles and ends up as circle.

I am thankful to receive a king size quilt order with my asking price. The customer wanted this for her hubby’s birthday but the lead time was too short. So, I suggested that we move it to Christmas.

She chose the palette combining both hers and hubby’s favourite colors.

A commonly heard phrase: green with envy. How did it came about? From Wikipedia: The expression “green-eyed monster” (me: the monster referring to envy or jealousy) was first used by William Shakespeare in Othello: “it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Shakespeare also used it in the Merchant of Venice, speaking of “green-eyed jealousy.”

To add to that, did you know that there are many other common expressions that was coined by Shakespeare. Among others: all’s well that ends well, break the ice, for goodness sake, knock knock who’s there, laughing stock. You can see a more comprehensive list here http://www.pathguy.com/shakeswo.htm.


The basting was done in the living room. I had to move some furnitures to make way for the quilt. This is one of three work-in-progress quilts done within a month which needed to move the furniture.basting

The photoshoot was done at the bridge heading into Presinct 2 Putrajaya. The mosque as the background is the Putra Mosque. quilt-order-2

What happened when I tried my best to make sure the quilt won’t fly away. quilt-order-3

And finally the quilt on the steps leading up to the Ministry of Finance, Presinct 2 Putrajaya.quilt-order

Creating New Bonsai

I have been making bonsai ever since 1997 when I purchased this book. Over the years, the bonsai just died when I lost interest. Then, I will restart again with new plants.bonsai-book

Last month, a young family who rented a room next door brought in a few bonsai. After much conversation over the fence, I learned that the wife who was the green thumb. She loves bonsai and also reared hybrid fruit trees to be sold online.

It was that push and maybe due to a huge workload of big size quilts that prompted me to create more bonsai.

These three cuttings, destined to be bonsai are from the existing ixora plant in the garden.bonsai-ixorabonsai-ixora-3bonsai-ixora-2

These henna plants have been growing in the same pot for at least five years. I may have issues on getting a good looking plant but at least it’s a bonsai.hennabonsaihenna-bonsai-2

Yesterday, I visited a nursery nearby. I was interested in the desert rose and purchased a small one. It would be remarkable if I can create those bulbous roots.desert-rose-2

I was tempted to purchase this beautiful green bonsai material but the price tag was too high for me. After a final glance, I happened to notice this beautiful two foot high Japanese red maple (well I think it is). Since it is half the price of the green plant, I picked it up. There is no photo of the original plant but with the cuttings you can imagine how big the plant was.maple-bonsaimaple-bonsai-2

This will be a long period kind of thing which is one of the main reason my earlier bonsai died. However, I have these cuttings which would make this an interesting process that does not need a year to pass.

Here is to a great success for my bonsai.

I have been blessed to be invited to share a booth for the upcoming Selangor Expo 2016. Among the products that I will be bringing are my baby quilt, my own published quilting book, telekung or prayergown, and songket gift products.


These make ideal gifts or souvenirs from Malaysian songkets. The products I’ll be bringing are bookmarks, covered notebook, and stuffed elephant.


My quilting book which was published last year, showcasing The Batik Boutique’s Malaysian batiks.


And finally, my telekung or prayer gown that has the quilted look that I love so much. It falls just above the knees and the lining is covering the chest area.


If you are interested to carry my products, please come and meet me there. WA me at 60162222004 for appointments or where to find me.

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