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I have stumbled upon this #mayisformakers by LR Stitched from one of my favourite quilting blog. Even though we are halfway through May, I shall just jump in.

In my Etsy store ZarinaCraft, I will slowly relist my hand dyed threads (HDTs) – I have rewind the thread into proper skeins but I made a mistake of using a different prop in winding the final skein. So I need to take photos of the actual skein you will get.

hand dyed thread hdt.JPG

Support 5 independent makers in 5 weeks (well the remaining weeks). Play along and and comment here that you have made a purchase from my Etsy store,  and on Friday I’ll pick a winner to get a giveaway goodie from me. The goodie will be sent together with your purchase. For Malaysians who wants to purchase directly, is entitled for a chance to win the goodies.

For more details, you can read it here.



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My friend, the owner of The Batik Boutique requested for a crochet edging for a few silk batik scarves, as samples.

Looking at one particular scarf, I knew that this hand dyed thread would be ideal.


Name: Feathered Hues HDT

Thread: Lizbeth size 20

Inspired from a photo from http://design-seeds.com/ website.


The pattern of the edging is the Shamrock Shawlett. I just took the edging.

A close up of the edging.


I used a second pattern that she liked. For this, I used an off-the-shelf local thread as a comparison of the thread that is available if she do want to proceed for a bigger order.


The pattern is Curlicue Fringe

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My 3-and-a-half year old little people has been coming to the house while her mother is working last week. She wanted to bring home (my brother’s) a teddy bear. We told her its not possible since the other little people wants to play with it.

The next day, she brought her own teddy bear. She told me that she will take care of ‘my’ teddy bear and I will take care of hers for the night (the weekend). Such a  brainy girl we have here. When my sister picked her up, she ended up in tears over the teddy bear. It seems that ‘my’ teddy bear had a purple tie and hers was a blue bow. Beside pink, she now loves purple.

I got my thinking cap on, took out the purple yarn I bought  for a granny square exchange two years ago, and took out my mum’s craft book that had quite a collection of different crochet stitches, and came out with this.

I secured the scarf by sewing at the place where it joins just below the neck. This way, the scarf will remain in place forever.

The crochet stitch I chose was forget-me-knot. It is a very simple stitch that I don’t mind doing again.

I have yet to see the little people so I do not know if she will take back her teddy bear. Will let you know though.

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