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As usual, the end of the year will focus on 2016 planner. I asked@rozirahman to see her postings of her past planners and she introduced me to bullet journal or bujo, for short.

After reading and looking at her samples and Pinterest, I think this will be ideal for me.

I’ve picked up two notebooks which I have been eyeing from @aeiou_studio this afternoon and started​ my bujo journey.

And now that I have my notebook, I don’t know which fabric to choose for the cover.

​I have purchased this Daniel Smith watercolor set​ ages ago. Hoping to start painting, I’m using it in my bujo.

With bujo, it is so flexible that you can never find any bujos that are identical.


In a nutshell, bullet journal is to put down the content in a concise and short manner, or as @rozirahman put it, rapid journaling.​
However, I have adapted the concept and used the color concept of Hobonichi in my own bujo.
​In keeping to the original bujo, the main elements need to be present. The index is a must – for easier reference in the future. The subject or topic to group together the contents. Page numbers – well that goes without saying. And finally, the content in bullet form.​
You can read up more at www.bulletjournal.com to make your own.​


Here is a sample from my new bujo.
Instead of using the conventional bullet, I used colors from the Daniel Smith watercolors to box the bulleted content.
I have yet to add legends but I feel that it’s not mandatory.

You can order yours Whatsapps 60162222004.


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to be put on display at the brick-and-mortar presence.

Updated Nov 16 – the HDTs are now available at Ministry of Shopaholic in Putrajaya. The full address is 

57A, Tingkat 1, Jalan DIplomatik, Presint 15

Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan

GPS coordinate: 2.945050,101.723328

The threads are Lizbeth thread based in sizes 20 and 40. For size 40, only available for online purchase.


Name: Cosmic Taco HDT

Inspired by this photo.


Name: Leaf Palette HDT

Inspired by this photo


Name: Pineapple Palette HDT

Inspired from this photo


Name: Silent Hues HDT

Inspired from this photo

Updated Nov 14


Name: Color Twist HDT

Inspired by this photo

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Life is still uncertain, but I have been ‘cheating’ on you.

I have been actively on FaceBook during my absence to help me get my crafting business going. There are several new local groups that discusses on this.

In addition, I have been posting a bit of my crafting on my new FaceBook page: Zarina Craft. And a bazaar outing.

If you still love me, kindly like my Facebook page so that you won’t miss a thing.

I hope to get back to blogging soon since I miss you all so much.



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An announcement

I have tried my best to find things to post regularly here. Unfortunately, my life needs some straightening up before I can do that.

So, I am announcing that I will be taking a break from blogging – hopefully just a few months.

Wish me the best and I love you all. Keep me in your thoughts.

And yes, no post should go without photos. Yesterday morning, a group of Malaysian tatters and crafters met up at McDonald. And I was please to find that one of them is one of my blog readers that went back few years back.

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Back again

Apologies for being away from my blog. I was sick the whole previous week and still feeling under the weather.

I have done some crafting but not much to show.

Here is my piece using the discharged method during the last textile class. We used various concentration of bleach that day.


Update: Astrid asked about the details of the piece above. The fabric is a plain calico which I dyed while making the Rainbow HDT. 

I love this saying which I took from a friend’s email signature. It surely describes what I am feeling now.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause 
to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” –Albert Schweitzer

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Bringing the garden


And soon into my crafting.

By the way, can somebody tell me the name of the flower. If you touched the leaves it smells like lavender.

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It will be awhile

till the next week.

Main reason is that I hurt my left foot. I bumped my toes at a wall yesterday and usually all goes well. Not this time round. It had swollen just below the middle toe and it’s quite difficult to move about.

Anyway, I have this monster at my sewing machine. I cannot do anything else because I am too lazy to change the setting. Thank goodness that I have a few small ongoing crafts that  I can work on.

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