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I have stumbled upon this #mayisformakers by LR Stitched from one of my favourite quilting blog. Even though we are halfway through May, I shall just jump in.

In my Etsy store ZarinaCraft, I will slowly relist my hand dyed threads (HDTs) – I have rewind the thread into proper skeins but I made a mistake of using a different prop in winding the final skein. So I need to take photos of the actual skein you will get.

hand dyed thread hdt.JPG

Support 5 independent makers in 5 weeks (well the remaining weeks). Play along and and comment here that you have made a purchase from my Etsy store,  and on Friday I’ll pick a winner to get a giveaway goodie from me. The goodie will be sent together with your purchase. For Malaysians who wants to purchase directly, is entitled for a chance to win the goodies.

For more details, you can read it here.



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Been tatting again

Even though I have not much to show.

I was fortunate to have met up with a fellow craftsman a few weeks back who wants to offload a load of the colored DMC Cordonnet Mercer Special thread. What else will a crafter do but take the load off him.

Using a color that I particularly like, Beige I started on a doily from Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss. It is a simple one shuttle and ball pattern, found on pages 6 and 7.

Many restarts due to:

  1. a long while I have not tat so need my mojo back
  2. wrongly counted the picots
  3. halfway round 1 know that there will be major cupping
  4. accidentally cut off picots from the large ring

For the center ring and first round, you can see that the major picots are uniformed. Yes, I have actually used a picot gauge to ensure it. I would have used it for all the picots but that will totally dampen my tatting.



Side note: I plan to sell off the colored DMC Cordonnet Special threads on Etsy later this year. If you’re interested to purchase now, please email me at zarina.craft@gmail.com.

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This year, I have managed to gain a few more new customers who are interested in the HDTs.  And lets hope there will be more.

These threads are ideal for fine crochet and tatting. Available sizes are 20 and 40. The threads are Lizbeth from Handy Hands.

These are previous HDTs but could not get the same colorway as before:

Ulyana Sergeenko2 HDT

may16_14_2 02 ulyana_01

Photo from http://color-collective.blogspot.com/2011/11/ulyana-sergeenko-for-russian-vogue-via.html

Lindsey Thornburg 2 HDT

may16_14_4 02b  lindseythornburg_01

Photo from http://color-collective.blogspot.com/2011/10/lindsey-thornburg-via-honey-kennedy.html


Blossoming Brights HDT


Photo from http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/blossoming-brights

Feathered Hues HDT
Succulent Spring HDT
may16_14_3 SucculentSpring

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Clicking on the image will send you to my ‘bookshelf’. I have not been active in BookCrossing for a very long time.

A few weeks ago, I received a Private Message (PM) from an Australian BookCrosser. I was very much surprised and pleased even though I have been silent for years at BookCrossing .

She wanted to offer as a Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness (RABCK) a title from my wishlist: Boris Akunin’s Turkish Gambit. She even offered a second book from her bookshelf and I chose one of Agatha Christie’s books which I have not yet read.

In return, she requested for Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. One of my life mission, is to have a tatting piece in all my friends’ home so I made her two bookmarks made in my HDTs.

I wanted to make another Black Magic bookmark (images are just the first few) by Mary Konior but I lost the printout. Its somewhere in my room. Since I want to send off the book early, I used an edging pattern from Rita Weiss’ (yet again) book. I missed a 3ds and picot in the starting chain so restarted BUT I tweaked the pattern a bit. I changed the number of ds and picots in both the chains and rings. The turning, I made the chains shorter.

I used the magic thread method by Georgia Seitz as per my post dated Apr 19. It was my first time using the method (not on the doily). One of the end, I messed up when I should have used a thin (quilting) thread to pull the first  thread. Lesson learned for the second end and it is SO easy. Now I can tat without using needles (which I hate the most. I have a doily that is on display without the ends hidden.).

The thread used is my own solid Ultraviolet HDT is Lizbeth size 20.

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that came down to Malaysia. Her daughter had a working stint here and she spent more than a week here visiting our country.

We planned to meet up but it was not realized. Instead, I will be posting these doilies to her.

The blue Anemone which I had blogged earlier all nicely blocked. I sprayed fabric adhesive to stabilize the doily so it is a bit sticky. I was hoping that it will help the doily maintain the shape traveling halfway across the world. (yes, the doily is skewed. remember of the extra ring chain in the center. I guess if God does NOT make everything perfect, why should I. Sorry Robin!!)

This white doily is using YarnPlayer‘s Arches doily pattern.

This oval doily is from Rita Weiss’  Tatting Doilies and Edges book  using my own solid HDT Lizbeth size 20 in Cerise.

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More practicing on tatting

so that my doilies would not cup.

I am following the pattern Clover Doily by Eileen.

A fellow tatter told me to make the joining picot extra large. The close-up picture shows the doily as awful but the feel of the thread and the color just makes me smile. I am using my own solid HDT Altin Basak size 50 in Orchid.

Updated: the fellow tatter is Georgia Seitz. With this doily, am also practicing hiding ends using the magic thread. The method I will follow is by Georgia.

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Since I am very productive these past few days, my blog is frequently been updated. Yahoo!!

Usually, I will skip blocking for my tatting. My usual method is to place the piece in between books and hope that it will lie flat. It usually does – for small pieces.

Recently, I have been tatting bigger pieces which cannot fit in a book. Plus, it is cupping and wrinkly way too much for my liking.

This is my second piece I have blocked in the past few days. I have a few more to go while waiting for the even weave linen for a hand embroidery exchange that I have signed up.

Plus, I have covered more pages of Emile Zola’s NANA which I had abandoned for weeks.

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