In the midst of COVID-19

I have been contacted by a customer via my blog so it’s about time that I start being present here.

Many things have happened since the last post and if you want to see what I have been up to, on a weekly basis you can follow my FB page or Instagram.

In the midst of the pandemic COVID-19 (need to be mentioned here for record keeping), I have been busy with custom orders of lingerie and memory quilts.

To start with, here are a few of my orders for custom fit brassiere.

This Marie the cat is a nursing bra for my first ever customer. It is a heavily altered of Pin-up-girls Shelley pattern.

This one, hands down is my prettiest that I have ever made so far. I used Scuba fabric for the cup.

Contact me if you want your own or learn how to make your own (bra and/or panties). At the moment, I cater for small classes.


I have loved the look of Cloth Habit‘s Watson bra but hesitant to purchase the pattern. A potential customer loved the look of it but she had found the bra style she wanted sold in a shopping complex. Most likely she does not want me to make one.

Knowing that my 15 year old niece prefer this style, I made one for her. She is a size 32B and it fit her perfectly.

Bramaking Watson

For the first bra, I used Spotlight cotton jersey knit.

bramaking watson floral

Since I finally got the blades for the rotary cutter, I now use the cutter for cutting all the pieces.

bramaking watson floral 2

This is my second bra for her. I got this fabric from an online seller, Ulatkain.

The stopping block to make more for her is that she wants anything with black print. And my stash only have these two prints that meet her requirement.

Time to go shopping.

Late 2017, a local online lingerie shop owner approached me to make custom bralette. A lot of Googling was made and I saw that it was ‘easy’ to make one. In addition, here in Malaysia it is not common to sew our own brassieres.

After purchasing the most basic Craftsy online classes, patterns, and the hardware required I had a trial class on Dec 23 at Spotlight Mytown. bra making 3

After tweaking the approach and methods to conduct the classes, a second class was held at the same venue yesterday. It was successful. Here are some of the handiwork of the students. bramaking Jan 20

In addition, I have received a few queries for custom made brassieres. Some are from those who are well endowed and have difficulty finding the right size here. A few came during the workshop to try out the forms I have made in their sizes.Bramaking form 40E

Contact me (zarina.craft@gmail.com) for more information on

  • upcoming bra making workshops
  • online bra making workshops
  • requesting for custom order brassieres.

I had received a request from a new grandmother for her new grandchild. It involves a basket, fabric (of course) and lace. baby basket 1

A little bit of crosshatch quilting goes a long way in any product.baby basket 2

The baby basket awaiting for the delivery of the new grandchild.  The mattress was also part of the order so that she will be comfortable in her new bedding.baby basket 4

Another angle of the quilted baby basket cover as a made to order. I just love the wall deco.baby basket 3

I have stumbled upon this #mayisformakers by LR Stitched from one of my favourite quilting blog. Even though we are halfway through May, I shall just jump in.

In my Etsy store ZarinaCraft, I will slowly relist my hand dyed threads (HDTs) – I have rewind the thread into proper skeins but I made a mistake of using a different prop in winding the final skein. So I need to take photos of the actual skein you will get.

hand dyed thread hdt.JPG

Support 5 independent makers in 5 weeks (well the remaining weeks). Play along and and comment here that you have made a purchase from my Etsy store,  and on Friday I’ll pick a winner to get a giveaway goodie from me. The goodie will be sent together with your purchase. For Malaysians who wants to purchase directly, is entitled for a chance to win the goodies.

For more details, you can read it here.


I will be running two classes (with limited spaces) at Spotlight The Mines on Saturday, Apr 29.

Dedicated to beginners and those with zero basics.

Best part, you do NOT have to bring a sewing machine. Spotlight has generously offered the use of their machines.

spotlight apr 29_4Spotlight Apr 29

I have been commissioned to make a baby quilt out of a customer’s baby clothes.

It all starts with a pile of baby clothes.renu-quilt-13She wanted a smooth quilt but I recommended to add small parts of the clothes such as pockets and bows. There is a piece with a 3-dimensional flower and two strings of beads missing in the photo. [Edited: the flower is at the left bottom corner.]renu-quilt-1

Since there were big pieces left, we continued by making a stuffed tortoise.renu-tortoise

And here is a photo of the set.renu-quilt-7

Again, I was contacted by a Malaysian who is residing away from Malaysia.

She started this lap quilt three years ago when one of her friend guided her in the process. All the pieces for the top was even cut up.

She chose all the fabrics with the Japanese designs which I love too. There were a few seams I had to repair of the quilt top but it went real fast.

The squares were 10 inches finished.quilting-service-japanese-fabric

From the back of the quilt, you can see the free motion quilting I did.quilting-service-japanese-fabric-2

Here is a close up of my favourite fabric and the corners. I have now almost perfected my machine sewn binding.quilting-service-japanese-fabric-3

If you need help in finishing your quilt, you can contact me.

A blooming bonsai

I completely forgot about this post until https://africanbirding.wordpress.com/ reblogged two of my posts on bonsai.

Zarina Craft

This bonsai was created at least five (less than ten) years ago. It has bloomed once but only several flowers.

This time round, it was quite a handful. I love it when the flowers should come out.

The palm  tree on the left was moved to the pot a few months back and the root is not big enough to show above the soil.

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A Blue Lemony Star Quilt

Happy New Year to all and hope that 2017 gives good fortune and health to all.

This quilt block the Lemony Star or also known as the Eight Star, has been in my bucket list for a long while. A customer asked me to make a queen size quilt for her mother-in-law. One of the option was this and she chose it – syukur.

This is really out of my comfort zone since I don’t use cream in my quilts. However, I just love the fabric which had skipped my attention until a customer pointed it out at Spotlight The Mines Malaysia.blue-lemony-star

The basting stage done in the living room. Thankfully the size is just nice without needing to move the furniture too much.blue-lemony-star-2

A close-up of the completed quilt. I just did a simple stitch in the ditch outlining the stars. blue-lemony-star-3

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