As usual, the end of the year will focus on 2016 planner. I asked@rozirahman to see her postings of her past planners and she introduced me to bullet journal or bujo, for short.

After reading and looking at her samples and Pinterest, I think this will be ideal for me.

I’ve picked up two notebooks which I have been eyeing from @aeiou_studio this afternoon and started​ my bujo journey.

And now that I have my notebook, I don’t know which fabric to choose for the cover.

​I have purchased this Daniel Smith watercolor set​ ages ago. Hoping to start painting, I’m using it in my bujo.

With bujo, it is so flexible that you can never find any bujos that are identical.


In a nutshell, bullet journal is to put down the content in a concise and short manner, or as @rozirahman put it, rapid journaling.​
However, I have adapted the concept and used the color concept of Hobonichi in my own bujo.
​In keeping to the original bujo, the main elements need to be present. The index is a must – for easier reference in the future. The subject or topic to group together the contents. Page numbers – well that goes without saying. And finally, the content in bullet form.​
You can read up more at www.bulletjournal.com to make your own.​


Here is a sample from my new bujo.
Instead of using the conventional bullet, I used colors from the Daniel Smith watercolors to box the bulleted content.
I have yet to add legends but I feel that it’s not mandatory.

You can order yours Whatsapps 60162222004.

I am so honored to get another memory  keepsake quilt. In a totally different look.

It is approximately 50 x 60 inches.


She also requested for a cushion with the baby clothes.
You can order yours Whatsapps 60162222004.


Honing on my free motion quilting on this The Batik Boutique’s tree skirt order.

Appreciating that I get this yearly order to practice my FMQ.

You can order yours Whatsapps 60162222004.


This request was made for a customer that I was referred to.​ She wanted ten handkerchieves for her husband with his initials, JR. I recommended to add the edging all around.

The simple embroidery was done using a variegated #30 weight Sulky thread.


I am not keen on marking fabric with any erasable marker, no matter how trusted the brand is. Especially on these white handkerchieves.

Meet my favourite sewing buddy, the masking tape. For all the ten pieces, I used only four long strips the length of the handkerchief. Dec5_15_2

One of my crafters friend asked me to make a baby quilt for her grand-niece. The grand aunty has an eye for these designer fabrics from my stash, we added the black polka dot to give it a modern look.
The designer fabrics from the left are:
– Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson
– Heart to Heart by Robert Kaufmann
– Dessert Party by Ann Kelle
It is a surprise that different fabrics for the binding give different looks to the quilt.
​Finishing up with some hand stitching.Nov19_15_4
The complete set with a dimple pillow.Nov19_15_2
She added the elephant into her order after one of my bazaar last week. Nov19_15_3

My first order via Instagram.

She had chosen these beautiful fabrics from the Jungle Fun line when Spotlight had a promotion earlier in the month.


As always, at each step I will update the customer. I’ve laid out the pieces following an image she provided me. After moving a few pieces around she finally decided to choose the layout I originally done.


I’ve prepared the puff shells since I don’t have enough pins for all the 63 puffs.


The puffs all stuffed full of the most soft fiber purchased at Spotlight.


The completed quilt with the back and binding using a dark brown cotton.


The quilt has been received by the customer on Saturday morning. Included in the package, was a handwritten thank you note and a small gift (which I have forgotten to take a photo).

Songket Bookmarks

Finally, the bookmarks has been introduced at a book club event last Sunday. I requested a table to sell my book related handmade products.

The sale on that day was nothing to shout about. However, due to my posting on Instagram: Zarina_Craft and FaceBook I’ve managed to get big orders.

Here is the table on Sunday.oct4_15_2 And here is a bulk order from my cousin. oct8_15_1


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