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Batik bookmarks and greeting cards.

The moderators of the group asked us to vote for exchanges to be held for 2015 and this is one of the top five. Proud to be the host for can’t-recall-how-long-it’s-been-running.

My partner is MW and typical of her, providing instructions on how to open the packages. Here are pictures to tell the story.






A Baby Keepsake Quilt

An ex-office colleague asked me to make a baby size quilt out of her daughter’s baby clothes.

Her brother dropped off the clothes at my house a few months back.

However, it took another few months for my friend to see the quilt.

The dimension of the quilt is approximately 35 x 45 inches.

Set about cutting and sewing it up. There were few conversations exchanged to finalize the layout and the choice of fabric.


Mar9_15_1The full quilt


Close up of some the squares that my 7 year old niece loves.Mar9_15_3All folded up ready to be shipped


Patchwork pillow cases

This is part of a custom order for one of my cousins.



This is the first to be completed for year 2015 (started very late 2014). To stock up ready made quilts at home for sale.


The quilt on my bed


Part of the back of the quilt.


How it will be packaged when sold.

The price is RM700 or USD200. Shipping within Malaysia is RM20. For international purchases, the postage will be advised.

This listing is for a queen size quilt of 8-inch squares patchwork. The quilt is made up of five different prints using good quality cotton.

Dimension of the quilt is approximately 80 x 90 inches. It covers nicely a standard queen size bed with about 8-inch drop.

The quilting is just straight lines half an inch along the short seams. It is quilted using a domestic machine. Expect some minor blemishes in the quilting.

This quilt is made for wear so normal washing and tumble dry/line drying is recommended. It is new and unused. Storage is in a pet-free and smoke-free home.

My HDTs in cross stitch

A craft group I am in, NEEDLESnCRAFT, NNC group has organized a cross stitch stitch-along. The organizer has kindly provided a kit containing a piece of the cloth (Aida or evenweave), the thread, and a needle.

It all started well – basting along the middle of the cloth, cross and lengthwise. Bee wax to ease the thread into the eye of the needle. My choice of fabric is 28 count evenweave. It was a bit tricky using the evenweave but I ended up loving it so much that it would be my choice for a cross stitch project.


All was going fine, cutting the motif into quarters (that was a major mistake). If there was a mistake, I would just cut the stitches out. But it got too much when going out and coming back to the middle, the stitch count just gone off.

So ‘throwing out’ the thread, I’ve picked up one of my favourite HDTs My Elle in size 40 and started again. We were fortunate that the kit contained two pieces of the fabric.


These biscornu were made by a crafter friend, Dr. Radha Pillai.


You can get my hand dyed threads, HDTs at my Etsy shop.


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